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George Best : The Movie – first plot details revealed!

September 30th, 2015

The producers of George Best : The Movie, scheduled for release in late 2016 or 2017, have revealed the first details about the plot of the film.

The movie, being made by Renaissance Films, will be the first of its kind made about legendary footballer George Best, combining archive footage of the Best in later life with live action sequences with an actor playing George as a young man. The interplay between the younger years and the older George as captured by the cameras will aim to reveal new insight into the life and experiences of the player some call the best ever.

Stephen Evans, producer of the film, said:

“The first draft of the screenplay is complete and we can reveal that the movie will kick off in a raucous Belfast pub in the late 1950’s – complete with live music, ship yard workers and the local community celebrating the end of the week.”

In a bid to recreate the scenes of post-war Belfast authentically, shooting will take place on location in the city. Evans continues, describing the first entrance of young George :

“The following morning we meet George Best and his family who have just heard about the Munich air disaster. George, being a fanatic young footballer, runs to the park to kick a ball around with his mates and dreams of becoming the next star of Manchester United.”

Your chance to be an Extra in George Best : The Movie!

To help with the film’s financing, the producers have taken the innovative step of asking football crowdfunding company Tifosy to raise money towards the budget. In exchange for contributions, fans of George Best can claim rewards such as tickets to the premiere and after party, or even choose to appear in the movie as an extra.

Extras will spend a day on set, mingling with cast and crew, and will appear as a “background artist” in a scene such as a football game, a street scene or a scene in a pub.

To claim your place as an Extra in the movie, visit and select the Extra option from the rewards list on the right-hand side (or any other reward that takes your fancy!). All the money from your contribution will go towards helping ensure the movie gets made.