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George Best Exhibition at Theatre of Dreams

November 30th, 2010

Poignant memorabilia from George’s life and career on display at Old Trafford

Norman and I were delighted to unveil a very special exhibition honouring George at the Theatre of Dreams. It was a particularly moving time as it marked the fifth anniversary of his death.

Memorabilia belonging to George is to be displayed in Manchester United’s museum at Old Trafford, where he is mostly remembered for showcasing his football genius.

I was so pleased to be in the position to lend many items, which I had purchased from our late father’s estate.

It has been my dream, since George passed away to share these with the loyal fans and what better place and time to exhibit these treasured pieces. The initiative is expected to be seen by thousands of people who visit the museum at Old Trafford.

There are some very special pieces spanning not just George’s glittering career, but his childhood as well. For example, his national identity card, school reports, medals and trophies which he won at Cregagh Boys Club and the most fantastic hand written letters which he wrote during his first couple of years at the club.

The items sit proudly alongside, his European Player of the Year Award, British Player of the Year Award; Freedom of Castlereagh silver cap and the jersey which George swapped with Antionio Simoes in the 1968 European Cup final.

These are just a few of the items contained within this fantastic display to the greatest footballer to grace a pitch (my opinion and of course I’m biased)

I would like to extend my thanks to Manchester United for their support in putting together this lovely tribute. I would urge all George Best fans to go along to see this memorable exhibition.

Barbara McNarry